$100 OG Strain
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$100 OG Strain


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 Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24%

Firstly, $100 OG delivers quite a punch and provides prominent effects of both Indica and Sativa strains. It contains 50 percent concentration of each Indica and Sativa. The strain has deep, dense, dull green colored buds with some stems. Again, itt has strong cerebral effects on your system due to its strong Sativa heritage and also has a soothing effect on your pains due to its Indica side. It has a High THC level. The strain has several positive effects on your system. At first, you feel extremely calm and euphoric. Then, you begin feeling happy and creative followed by strong hunger pangs that make you crave for different foods. It has a pungent aroma that is a mixture of diesel and skunk odors. The taste of $100 OG is quite similar to them as well. It is full of skunk and diesel flavors with a strong hint of blueberry. It is mostly used to resolve anxiety problems. $100 OG calms down their tensed nerves and system, and provides them with peace. It has a soothing effect on depression as well. People also use it for treating a loss of appetite as it stimulates hunger. Lastly, This strain is effective in mitigating different pains as well.

1 Oz, 1 pound, 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound, 2 pounds, 5 pounds

15 reviews for $100 OG Strain

  1. mike josh

    bought a weed strain never received it.
    called and within 10 mins got confirmation of full refund.
    thanks to eshop420

  2. thomas

    Legit, it is what it seems.

  3. fred

    I love the fact I can call them and speak to a real person to resolve any issues. I will continue to buy from eshop420.com.

  4. tomy

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  6. sharon H

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  8. mergan plies

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  9. kelda mile

    Superb and prompt efficency with delivery
    Great product

  10. kendra mole

    overall my order arrived on time

  11. anthony ukle

    I had to call the customer service since my order haven’t been delivered after two weeks and it made me worry. Actually, my order had an incomplete address and I only checked it after a week. I called the seller right away and they did an action quickly. Thanks to them, I received my item within 3 days! eshop420 is supper amazing

  12. leezy krish

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  13. myra molks

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  14. pakris graham

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  15. mathia map

    I have been dealing with eshop420 for years…
    I have been dealing with eshop420 for years and always was a great experience!

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